Weaknesses of Email Marketing

18 Aug

Marketing isn’t such an easy business. You’ve worked long and hard to establish your brand/business. You’ve tried many different mediums (posters, radio and TV etc.) You may have burned your fingers before and so out of respect I will be honest with you. There are faults of email marketing that we have to address.

1. Email does not keep secrets.
Once people sign up to your newsletter and start receiving communication from you, they will start to take you seriously. Sometimes,they will even share some of the information on their professional/social networks or forward your emails. Even one newsletter could get people talking about you for a long time. Worse still, they will buy from you. So if you are not sure you want anyone knowing about your business, email is definitely the last medium you want to use.

2. Email is highly discriminatory.
Your annoyingly capable email marketing solution will show you how to segment your market. In a short span of time, you will be able to target each with very specific information that will capture their interest. It will also send personalized automated emails to your subscribers and will reduce the amount of time you could have spent doing this. And then they will start viewing you as an expert or market leader,buying from you and putting all sorts of pressure on you. Might not be the kind of thing you need right now…

3. Email kisses and tells.
There will be no hiding how your campaign is fairing, what with the detailed statistical reports that are available. And they are so simple to interpret, you won’t be able to work on intuition anymore but on raw facts about your subscribers.

But what runs chills down my spine is that you will have gained such a loyal following, you’ll be forced to have a successful business. Pooh!


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