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31 Jul

I absolutely love Talefod’s “campaign signature” for IKEA Denmark’s email strategy – Listen Before You Talk. Because it says you should limit your assumptions about your customers. That your business should function with customers at the helm. This is the FIRST lesson.

In the first issue, we saw how IKEA Denmark in association with their agency Talefod employed an amazing email marketing campaign that utilized Epsilon’s email marketing platform and other open source software. In the following post, we saw how this email campaign increased sales by double digits in only two weeks.

There are many lessons we could derive but here are three other essential things we could learn:

2. Your existing customers are your BEST prospects.

Your existing clients have already done business with you and are more likely to purchase from you again. In the two months of propagating the gospel of email marketing including our software, Email Studio, the golden question is always,”How will we get more people to subscribe to our email newsletter?” The underlying assumption seems to be that email marketing success lies in acres and acres of email addresses. In marketing, this is an interpretation of the majority fallacy i.e. to be successful a product or service must appeal to everybody or a majority of people. IKEA Denmark’s campaign, was targeted at existing clients (members of the loyalty programme). This makes sense – if you had already purchased a sofa, you’d probably be shopping for cushions or throws soon.

As a business, you should defend your market niche entirely and work at meeting their needs with complementary/supplementary products. For further reference on this, here is an interesting article on a company that embraces this policy successfully- Apple Inc’s strategies of creating customer loyalty.

3. Maintain constant, two-way communication with your prospects and customers.

I read, in an old edition of the book Guerrilla Marketing (guerrilla marketing), that it takes 16 times of seeing a marketing message for a person to take action. Most entrepreneurs will know this to hold true in their businesses. In light of this, unless you have the resources for regular communication via offline mediums like TV, print and radio regularly, your efforts and money will be wasted.

And it still isn’t enough to bombard people with your message. You have to allow two-way communication (Listen Before You Talk), where the customer or prospect is in control of the entire process. They can reach you easily at any time, you can also keep them informed of new developments easily. These are the salient features email marketing offers that are most important to small businesses.

4. Personalize your message – prospects and clients are unique.

A luxury that small businesses cannot afford is sending out marketing messages that their prospects and clients won’t see, don’t want or don’t understand. IKEA Denmark recognizes this. This is why the content of the newsletter changes according to the specifications of the recipient. The marketing messages can therefore only contain information that is of interest and use to the recipient.

It is not enough to put in “Dear Jane” in your newsletter. If the content is not personified, chances are it doesn’t really speak to your client or prospect. Similarly, we must work to make sure that our efforts are geared towards speaking specifically to our clients needs as if they were the only such client we have ever and would ever have. Because they are!

What else did you learn in the three article series? Kindly share your insights in the comment area below.

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All the best in your email marketing efforts!




14 Jul

As we saw in our previous post, IKEA Denmark in association with Talefod employed an amazing email marketing campaign that utilized Epsilon’s email marketing platform and other open source software. Continue reading

Email Marketing Brilliance:The IKEA Denmark way!

7 Jul

Like most companies in the product industry, IKEA Denmark has an extensive product base. Rather too extensive to take in all at once. Even with their main marketing tool – a product catalogue, less than 40% of their over 2,500, (and growing) products are included within it.


How IKEA Denmark successfully used email marketing

How IKEA Denmark successfully used email marketing





With 170,000 members of their customer loyalty programme, IKEA required a cost-effective solution that would increase their sales in the short term, on a minimal marketing budget. Continue reading